Moved to a new location !!

Thursday January 21st 2010
The Library has moved to a new location. The building isn't at all set up yet, but the rune books are set up for use. To get to the new location simply use a travel stone or wand to get to the player vendor area and use the  globe to go to "Decamerons" House. The alternative way to find the library is through the house showcase. One in the showcase use the Elysium globe, again the library will be under Decameron.
Happy Hunting

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the following people for contributing maps and locations of their own to help me build this batabase and library:
Tobias Frost
Alkarym Moro

UOAM is thanks to Alkarym Moro, who spent his time marking the locations for anyone who wants to use this database with uoam.

And of course i would like to thank Haazen and the entire team at Paradise Found for creating and maintaning such a wonderful shard.

Treasure Hunting in Paradise

Click on any picture for a larger picture. The yellow areas are numbered in conjunction with the list of areas to the left. The numbers in the small maps correspond to numbers in the runebooks labelled "custom" at my house, which can be reached through the globe in the player vendor mall under the name Decameron.

    I would love to see how many unique visitors are using this website

Some regular maps may be in the same areas as the custom maps, if the map can't be found here or the regular map library then it's one i've missed, I know I am short a few of the custom maps. If you come across any I would appreciate a rune and the map (after you've dug it up if you can find it) so I can update this library.